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How long will it take to design a logo?

Our first concepts will be sent to you within 1 to 2 business days, depending on our internal revisions of concepts. The overall time it can take to finalize a logo design depends on the accuracy of the brief, how quick the client gives feedback and how focused the feedback is. Our logo designs take between 1 and 5 business days.


Do you have any set limit on your logo revisions?

Yes, our logo designs are based on a basic 3 sets of 3 logos each as seen in our terms and conditions.  The purpose of the revision limit is to add additional focus onto the design process.  Having constraints adds to the quality of logo concepts as well as the quality of the design feedback.


I have a current logo, but I just need to update it a bit.  Do you offer that service?

Yes, we can take your current logo and update the colors, style and typography to freshen it up, based on your personal taste and market positioning.  You will, however be charged the full package price as the logo might be in a format that we're not able to edit causing us to recreate the logo from scratch.


I have a concept or idea drawn for a logo or a picture of what I have in mind.  Do I get discount?

Unfortunately not.  Our logo design process will still be the same.  Your illustration will just allow us to have a more relevant initial batch of logo design concepts.


How do we get the project started?

We'll request that the creative brief questionnaire is completed that will be provided on the site.  The creative brief includes a few questions about your company, your target market and personal preferences.  That will help us to create a relevant first set of logos which you can give feedback on.


I have a logo, but I have been told that I need a high resolution version. Can you recreate my logo.

Yes.  The end product of the service would be a high resolution vector version of your current logo.  You can then send it to signage companies or anyone that needs to manufacture large scale printing.


What files will I receive once the logo design has been completed?

You will receive the original source files, a print ready PDF in vector format, three JPG files in different sizes for general use and a PNG file with a transparent background.